Microsoft's Kinect - I'm Coming To Your Windows PC On February 1st

Kinect for Windows
Microsoft's KINECT for Windows
Microsoft's CEO, Steve Ballmer has just announced that there awesome piece of gaming tech - Kinect will now be available for our Windows PC's starting from February 1st for $250 in 12 countries and is already up for pre-order on Amazon. Soon we all be waving our hands in front our PC's and no need for even touching.

At the keynote for Windows at CES his words were,"Kinect is officially coming to Windows starting on February 1st" and this news quickly got confirmed from Kinect's blog.

It will also include the commercial SDK, has "near mode" — a new firmware where the depth camera can see objects as close as 50cm away without losing accuracy or precision. Kinect will initially support Windows 7 & 8 as well. The company has gone ahead to make SDK for the developer community and it will be free. Ballmer further said,"Microsoft is working with hundreds of companies with the integration process. Like Kinect revolutionized entertainment, it is going to change even more”.

We really are very interested to see this for real but what's disappointing is that this one is only built for Windows and not for your Xbox 360. The Kinect stands a record at Guinness World Record for the fastest selling consumer device ever. We are sure Kinect for Windows will even sell faster. Till then enjoy this Kinect hack video of Windows 7.