Official Promotion Poster Of The Bourne Legacy

The Bourne Legacy

Well well, what do we have here. The Official promotion poster of The Bourne Legacy and look, it even has a tagline. Isn't it exciting, "prepare for the unexpected". Yes at first even I was thrilled to see the poster but the tagline, nope it just does not work. I mean we know that its not Matt Damon as lead actor and the other star cast has also been changed but that does not mean we are in total darkness. C'mon we do know a little bit of what to expect and sorry "Universal" but we won't be able to prepare for the unexpected. It does not surprise me that this tagline is considered as a contender for Dumbest Tagline of 2012. 

So here is how the poster entirely looks like. And I am sure Universal will come up with a better one for Cinemas.  

The Bourne Legacy
Courtesy Cine 1
I know this does not change the level of excitement for this movie. So here is the star cast. It is Jeremy Renner, Rachel Weisz, Oscar Isaac, Joan Allen, Albert Finney & Edward Nortan. Bourne Legacy will be releasing on August 3rd 2012.