Weekly Roundups: Cheapest Tablet, 2012 Auto Expo Show, Academy Awards & Best Smartphone of 2011

Once again we wish all our readers a Happy New Year. In the last week of 2011, we saw some good as well as bad news. Airtel's network issue was the biggest disappointment whereas on the other side we were greeted warmly by Google's Happy New Year Doodle. We rated the Best Smartphone of 2011 and the Best Cars heading our way at the 2012 Auto Expo Show. The upcoming Academy awards and the Transformers DotM 3D & Blu-ray versions kept us excited. So, before you start planning for the new year, here are some stories from the last week of 2011 which you might have missed.

1. Google's New Doodle Wishes You A Happy New Year

2. Preview: 2012 Auto Expo

3. The 84th Academy Awards Official Poster Is Revealed

4. Transformers Blu-ray 3D Landing In Ultimate & Collector's Edition On January 31st

5. Airtel's Network Goes Down In Mumbai Today

6. Toyota Launches an All-new Compact Hybrid, the Aqua - World’s Most Fuel-Efficient Hybrid

7. Best Smartphones Of 2011

8. Aakash: World's Cheapest Tablet Now Available At NCarry.com For Rs.2,499

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