Apple's new iPad now selling in India at Tradus.in

new iPad India Price
Be it the iPhone, iPod or any other Apple product, Indians haven't been lucky enough to grab these when they are launched first in the US. They come by the time half of the world already owns the product. But, here's an exception. 

The all new iPad revealed back on March 7 in USA has been brought to the Indian shores via online retailing store 'Tradus.in'. It's up for grabs at Rs.36,799. For that price, you get the 16GB Wi-Fi version and it's only available in Black. Forget the awesome white color if your're in a rush to buy the new iPad (we are!). The website claims to be giving out a discount of Rs.3191. So, it can be assumed that when the official new iPad is launched in India, it might be priced approx. Rs.40,000 for the base 16GB Wi-Fi version. As it's imported, it will be shipped in 15 working days from the date of purchase.  

Although it's just been a week since it was available in US stores, the new iPad is selling hot cakes with 3 million units sold in just 3 days. We can assure you that the new iPad which comes with awesome Retina Display ( 2048x1536 pixel resolution ), an A5X chip, 5-megapixel snapper and 10 hours of battery life is the tablet you should buy and it's worth it. Go grab yours right here!